Jacob’s Coffee House, Bath



Bath is my favourite place to go shopping. I absolutely love the city for its uniform buildings of flawless Georgian architecture and the beautiful surrounding landscape.
Unlike in most areas of the UK where large coffee house chains have taken over, Bath is still holding firmly to the culture of privately owned cafés and tea houses. They are substantially more popular than the big brands and quite rightly so, for they produce far better cakes and pastries and offer a wide range of coffees and teas to accompany your chosen sweet treat.

When mum and I go on a shopping trip in beautiful Bath, Jacob’s Coffee House is always our pit-stop of choice for tea and cake, or occasionally one of their freshly made foccacia sandwiches. The cakes are all presented on rustic wooden boards set against large sash windows. It is a feast for the eyes and when walking past, you can’t help but stop to admire the tempting selection on offer.

IMAG0994 IMAG0991 IMAG0992 IMAG0999

The café itself had a very cosy, homely atmosphere with 3 different rooms with both tables and sofa areas upstairs. Grab a plate and help yourself to their delicious cakes, then order your drink and pay downstairs, settle in and they will bring everything up to you. The tea comes on a sweet wooden tray, along with a timer so that you can brew each variety for the optimum amount of time.


My favourite of Jacob’s’ cakes is their Passion cake: ripe banana, zingy pineapple, carrot, flakes of coconut, chunks of pecan and spiced with cinnamon and ginger – an eclectic and mouthwatering fusion. The sponge is topped with lashings of slightly tangy cream cheese frosting, a generous garnish of whole pecan nuts and dusted with more spices and icing sugar. It is like a traditional carrot cake taken to the tropics and tastes just as good as it looks, if not better. Moist, nutty, fruity, light and well-balanced: each ingredient is present in every bite.


Slice of cake £3.50 (prices vary)

Jacob’s Coffee House, 6 Abbey Street, Bath, Avon, BA1 1LY

(Monday-Sunday: 8:00-19:00)

T: 01225 758132



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